Luminate Law

Subscription Plan Terms and Conditions

Last Revised: November 19, 2019

We offer two kinds of Subscription Plans:

1.  Customized Subscription Plans – these plans can include legal services in multiple practice areas or be focused on services in a specific practice area.  Specialty plans described in the practice area pages are focused on a specific practice area.  Pricing of Customized Subscription Plans varies by plan.

2.  Small Business Subscription Plans – these plans are available only to small business clients (i.e., for-profit and non-profit entities with 50 or fewer full-time employees).  There are three tiers of Small Business Subscription Plans: “Essential,” “Professional,” and “Premier.”

Unless otherwise specified in a plan, no Subscription Plan includes the following services: (1) areas of law outside of the firm’s practice areas; (2) drafting and review of policies and procedures; (3) revision of contracts in excess of ten (10) pages; (4) litigation, arbitration, and mediation; (5) administrative enforcement proceedings and other quasi-judicial proceedings; (6) services within the scope of a specialty subscription plan described in our practice area pages, and (7) costs and fees paid to third parties.

The minimum term of all Subscription Plans is three (3) consecutive months.  If a subscription is canceled before the end of three (3) consecutive months, all legal work that was performed under the plan will be charged at the firm’s standard hourly rates, and the subscriber will be charged for the difference between our standard hourly charges and subscription plan fees that were paid during the subscription term.  

Any client request for work within the scope of a Subscription Plan that is received by Luminate Law less than five (5) calendar days before the end of the month may not be completed until after the end of the month.

If hours included in a subscription plan are used toward performing legal work that is otherwise subject to flat fee pricing, the flat fee pricing will not apply, and instead, the hours required to perform the work in excess of those included in the plan will be charged at the discounted hourly rates applicable to the plan.

For example: A subscriber of the “Essential Plan” uses the three (3) hours included in the plan in a given month to have an employment agreement drafted.  Drafting of employment agreements is typically charged on a flat fee basis.  The actual time that was required to complete the work was five (5) hours.  The subscriber will be billed the monthly fee for the subscription plan plus two (2) additional hours at a 5% discount of our standard hourly rates as per the plan.

These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.  Additional terms and conditions will be specified in the engagement agreement between the client and the firm.  No Subscription Plan will commence until an engagement agreement is fully executed.