Pricing. Options.

Not all legal work is the same.  Why should pricing be? 

We believe our clients should have choices in how they spend for legal services.  Unlike most Hawaii business law firms that only charge by the hour, Luminate Law offers pricing options based on the services you need.

We also offer special pricing for small business clients.

Flat Fee Services

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Flat fee arrangements are perfect for projects with a defined scope and limited duration, such as drafting and review of business agreements.    Our clients love flat fee arrangements because they make budgeting predictable. 

Contact us to learn more about our Flat Fee Services. 

Sample Flat Fee Services

Visit our practice pages to learn more about additional services that we provide for a flat fee.

Subscription Plans provide access to legal advice anytime for a monthly fee.  

Plans include an allowance of hours that may be used toward services within the scope of the plan.  Subscription Plans are customized to provide the services and monthly hourly allowances you need.   General purpose plans cover a variety of legal services, including review and preparation of legal documents.  Plans can also be focused on specific types of services.  Exclusions apply.

As an added benefit, plan subscribers enjoy discounts on work not included in the plan.  A minimum three-month subscription period is required.  

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Subscription Plans

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Hourly Billing

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We charge competitive hourly rates for projects that don’t fit well into subscription plans or flat fee pricing arrangements.  

Contact us for a budget estimate for your project.  


Contact us by email or phone for a free consultation.  We’ll develop a menu of pricing options based on your legal needs and help you understand the advantages of each option.  

In most cases, different pricing arrangements can be used simultaneously to maximize cost-effectiveness of servicing your legal needs.  For example, you may pay for a project under a Flat Fee Service model and use hourly billing for another project.

Subscription Plans are ideal for clients who regularly need legal advice or who want the peace of mind of being able to contact a lawyer on demand without worrying about paying by the hour.

Yes.  The minimum subscription term is three (3) months.  If a plan is canceled before the end of the minimum 3-month term expires, all the work done under the plan will be billed at our standard hourly rates, less Subscription Plan fees already paid.

Each Subscription Plan includes a monthly allotment of hours.  If the same number of hours in a plan were billed at our standard hourly rates (or even our discounted hourly rates for small businesses), the cost would be much higher than the monthly price of the Plan.  

In comparison to flat fee service arrangements, if the service can be completed within the monthly allotment of hours in the Subscription Plan, the monthly fee for the plan will be less than the flat fee in most cases.  If the time required to complete the service exceeds the monthly allotment of hours in the plan, cost savings might still be realized under the plan because the excess hours will be billed on an hourly basis at the discount applicable to the plan.  See the Subscription Plan Terms and Conditions for more information. 

Most prepaid legal plans limit the number of hours that can be spent or pages of documents  that can be reviewed each month.  These limits often are unrealistic to make the plans truly useful.  To finish a task, prepaid legal plan users typically would need to pay a lawyer additional fees for the excess time.  

Luminate Law offers more robust options with its Subscription Plans.  For the small business with very basic legal needs, the Essential Plan is available for less than $10 a day.  Businesses with greater legal needs can purchase the Professional Plan or Premier Plan.  In most cases, the total cost of services under both plans will be less than prepaid legal plan fees supplemented with hourly legal fees necessary to get the job done.

Yes.  If the number of hours needed to complete a project that is subject to flat fee billing exceeds the monthly allotment of hours in a Subscription Plan, the excess hours will be billed at the discounted hourly rate applicable to the plan.   See the Subscription Plan Terms and Conditions for more details.

Yes.  Certain specialized services and litigation, arbitration, and mediation work are excluded from Subscription Plans.  See the Subscription Plans Terms and Conditions for additional exclusions.

We charge on an hourly basis for projects of an uncertain duration or for which the level of service required is difficult to estimate precisely.  Examples of such projects include litigation or quasi-litigation proceedings (including arbitration and mediation) and negotiations.  Even when we charge on an hourly basis, we look for opportunities to contain costs.