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Our Legal Services Add Value

Good legal advice helps you avoid trouble and make strategic decisions

Hawaii Business Lawyers

Clarify Relationships

Our experience drafting, reviewing, and negotiating contracts clarifies your business relationships. Clear business terms prevent disagreements and position you strategically if disputes arise.

Hawaii Business Lawyers

Comply With Law

Legal compliance can be a challenging task. We help you make sense of applicable regulatory requirements and advise you on the steps you should take to stay in compliance with the law.

Hawaii Business Lawyers

Position For Growth

Legal planning is vital to preparing an organization for growth. We help you lay legal foundations that position your organization to expand or adapt to changes in business conditions.


A Fresh Approach to

Legal Service

After working at large law firms for over a decade, Elijah Yip and Dean Wang founded Luminate Law to bring a fresh approach to providing top-notch legal services.  What makes Luminate Law different?

  • Innovative

    We embrace fresh ideas and technology. For example, we offer pricing options that reduce costs and make legal services more accessible, especially to small businesses and non-profits.

  • Efficient

    We focus on getting the job done well, not padding the bill to pay for unnecessary overhead.

  • Specialized

    We provide legal services in practice areas that few other Hawaii firms offer. In addition to business litigation and general corporate law, we practice cybersecurity and data privacy law, health care law, energy and public utilities law, and environmental law.

  • Mission-oriented

    We take a holistic view of justice and believe it takes more than the legal system to build a just society. To that end, we partner with organizations that promote justice in various segments of the community.

How Luminate Law Can Help

Practice areas

From general business law to specialty areas, our team of lawyers provides a wide range of services to help Hawaii businesses thrive.  Whether it’s starting a company, navigating a business deal, resolving a dispute, or complying with the law, we can help.

Business & Corporate Law

Litigation and ADR

Cybersecurity & Privacy Law

Health Care Law

Environmental Law

Energy & Public Utilities Law

Why Is Luminate Law Your Best Choice For Hawaii Business Lawyers?

We Make Excellent Legal Service Accessible

Luminate Law gives you access to top-notch Hawaii business lawyers at competitive prices.  

Legal Expertise
Legal Expertise


Our 30+ years of combined legal experience and our training as veterans of top law firms have prepared us to  tackle complex legal issues.  Our attorneys are recognized by peer organizations including Best Lawyers of America and Super LawyersU.S. News & World Report ranks us as a Tier 1 firm in Hawaii.  Learn more about our team.



We’re dedicated to serving our clients with excellence.  Service  makes us tick because we believe your success is also ours.  Find out more about our mission and values.

Affordable Pricing
Affordable Pricing


Most Hawaii business lawyers charge by the hour.  We like giving our clients options.  In addition to hourly billing, we offer alternative fee arrangements including subscription plans and flat fee packages.  Small businesses also qualify for discounted rates.  Learn more about our pricing or contact us, and we’ll help identify the fee arrangements best suited to your situation.

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